The Partner: Bearaby

Bearaby is a DTC seller of award-winning weighted blankets that promote better sleep, made entirely from sustainable fibers. Bearaby's weighted blankets became one of the must-have home comforts during Covid times.

But with the impact of iOS 14.5, paid media performance had taken a bit of a hit. Bearaby turned to no-code ML platform Black Crow AI to give retargeting and prospecting a boost.

The Challenge:

Bearaby was faced with having to manually re-target audiences, proving inefficient due to limited insights. Not only that, but they had a goal to scale their existing business rapidly and intelligently. Deriving accurate customer behavior and doing so in a way that would help them exceed their business goals seemed like an impossible task. That’s where Black Crow AI comes in.

The Solution:

Bearaby installed Black Crow AI’s plug-and-play platform into its website to develop a custom machine learning model that will give its marketing team real-time predictions about its site visitors. The marketing team took these predictions and created custom audiences on Facebook, Google, and Snapchat to target the brand’s retargeting ad campaign.

The Results:

After 30 days, Bearaby saw a 100% increase in conversions from its retargeting ads on Facebook, Google Search and Display, and Snapchat. The brand also experienced a 120% increase from its return of ad spend (ROAS).

ROAS increase
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