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For the last year, ezpz has been using Black Crow AI to optimize its paid spend and run more profitable prospecting and retargeting campaigns in the aftermath of iOS 14.5. Black Crow AI’s predictive audiences drove significant ROI for the brand across Facebook, Instagram, and Google, including notable improvements in profits, ROAS, and CPA.


reduction in CPA


increase in profits


ROAS improvement

the challenge

ezpz is a tight-knit team with a lean marketing budget, most of which goes toward paid social. In other words: strong ROAS is critical to the brand’s ongoing revenue growth. Once Apple rolled out iOS changes, the company’s average ROAS began to dip below their break-even point. 

Critically, ezpz lost real-time visibility across channels, and everything from audience data to generating lookalikes became less profitable. As a result, ezpz knew that it needed a fresh approach to effectively leverage first-party data and trend towards marketing profitability.

the solution

The ezpz team discovered Black Crow AI’s platform through the eCommerce ecosystem and quickly realized that the tool could fill two roles in tandem: a risk-free, short-term solution for advertising profitability and a long-term partner to navigate ongoing shifts in digital marketing. 

Instead of relying on third-party data or native platform algorithms, Black Crow’s ML engine analyzes billions of first-party data points to predict the conversion value of every ezpz site visitor — in real-time as they shop. This generates predictive audiences with unmatched accuracy, which ezpz can send to Facebook, Instagram, or Google for easy implementation. 

On Meta platforms, ezpz uses Black Crow AI audiences to segment retargeting efforts and focus exclusively on high- and medium-intent groups. This facilitates relevant, high-conversion targeting at every step of the funnel. The same goes for Google Ads, as ezpz pushes both retargeting and prospecting toward Black Crow AI’s high-intent audiences. 

Along with renewed campaign success, the ezpz team enjoyed a seamless installation on the back end. Notably, they worked closely with Shehzad, Founder & CPO of Black Crow AI, who was hands-on in providing tactical industry knowledge and white-glove client support.
"Black Crow AI generated a lot of revenue for us that we may have just left on the table had we not been able to work with them"
ezpz’s performance marketing team

the results

Throughout the last 12 months, ezpz utilized Black Crow AI’s audiences to reach more of the right customers, in greater numbers and at lower costs, in turn helping the brand to scale.

On Meta platforms, Black Crow AI’s audiences generated three key results:

- 40% reduction in CPA
- 177% increase in profits
- 2.31 ROAS improvement

going beyond facebook

As the holiday season nears, ezpz is excited to continue to supercharge its marketing ROAS and profitability metrics alongside Black Crow AI as a long-term embedded software partner. 

They’ll also be expanding their usage of Black Crow AI’s audiences and deploying them across social channels like TikTok and Pinterest, as well as owned channels like email and their CRM.

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