The Partner: LIQUID I.V.

Liquid I.V. provides fast dissolving, sustainable nutrient drink mixes, available direct to consumers and in-store.

The Challenge:

With the rising cost of spend and challenges associated with scaling on the Facebook advertising platform, the LiquidIV team wanted to find a solution that would be quick to implement and impactful from the start.

The Solution:

The Liquid IV team leveraged Black Crow’s plug and play platform to build a custom machine learning model for their site. Through Black Crow’s real-time predictions, revised and improved customer data was uploaded into Facebook as custom audiences for Retargeting website visitors and as a lookaliking seed file to scale spend.

The Results:

As a result of the improvements that Black Crow’s platform provided, the LiquidIV team saw 48% more net new customers and 32% CPA improvement all while keeping the same retargeting spend. Additionally, the increased their net profit by 178% and had a 54% increase in prospecting spend while maintaining the same CPA.

Facebook Retargeting

Net new customers while
retargeting spend
CPA Improvement
while maintaining retrageting spend
Increase in retargeting
Net Profit

Facebook Lookaliking

Prospecting Spend
Increase while
maintaining CPA
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