CAse study


shortyLove is a DTC seller of luxury, functional, everyday bags for everyone. The shortyLove team was looking for opportunities to improve their active marketing strategy (drive additional growth and reduce costs)


Incremental Net Profit
(Facebook Retargeting)


Better CPA
(Facebook Retargeting)


Incremental audience size (Facebook Lookaliking)


Better CPA
(Facebook Lookaliking)

the challenge

With the rollout of iOS 14 and its associated challenges, the shortyLove team was looking for opportunities to improve their active marketing strategy. A couple of goals their team wanted to solve were driving additional growth as well as reduce costs that the iOS changes incurred.

the solution

By utilizing Black Crow’s AI technology, shortyLove’s first party data was utilized to make real time predictions on the value of individual site visitors. Using these new predictions, their team could feed the data back into Facebook to retarget a more favorable buyer group. Additionally, the data was used to conduct lookaliking, allowing the shortLove team to acquire net new customers.
"Black Crow is a crucial part of our marketing stack. They helped mitigate the effects of iOS14 by reducing our retargeting CPA by 40%, and at the same time increasing our prospecting audience size."
Marketing & Operations Lead|  shortyLOVE

the results

The shortyLove team was able to create a 545% incremental net profit and 33% better CPA (cost per action) on the Facebook retargeting side and a 33% larger incremental audience size with 18% better CPA on the lookaliking side.

- A 50% incremental increase in sales
- 55% more revenue
- 10% higher ROAS

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