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Copy the context data variable to an eVar in Adobe Analytics

Black Crow will send unique information about the user and their score as contextData into your Adobe Analytics platform on your behalf. In order to use this data within Adobe Analytics, you need to map the contextData to eVars as shown below.

  1. Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites
  2. Select a Report Suite
  3. Click Edit Settings > General > Processing Rules
  4. On the Processing Rules page, click Add Rule
  5. Click Add Condition and then select Add variable name context data.
  6. Map the blackcrow_score context variable to an available eVar of your choice
  7. Click Add Action and then select the action you want to be performed when the contextData is set
  8. Click Save

How Black Crow passes data to Adobe Analytics

Please note that we use contextData and linkTrackVars with the linkName of 'blackcrow_audience|score_update' when sending information into Adobe. This means it will be considered a link click in your analytics system. If you have another preferred method of integration, or concerns, please let us know.

Reference: "Copy a context data variable to an eVar"

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