Google Ads - Audience Creation

Audience Setup

Before you can utilize scores in Google Ad platforms, you will need to create audiences. You can create audiences directly in Google Ads but this is only recommended if you do not have Google Analytics.

Create audiences

- Under Tools > Shared Library > Audience Manager.

- Then, click the “+” to create a new remarketing audience, and select “Website Visitors”

- If you have multiple tags or a manager account, please choose This account under the Tag Source option

- Create 3 new audiences, one for each score. An example for score 1 is shown below.

  • Please use event contains blackcrow_target|remarketing|all|conversion|site|rats|10
  • Please use event contains score_1

Note: For Score 1 only, please also include event does not contain score_10.

  • Update the membership duration to 180 days, and click create.
  • Repeat the above process for score_2, score_3, score_4, score_5, score_6, score_7, score_8, score_9, score_10

Create Custom Combination Audiences

  • Chose "Data Segments" on the Audience Tab
  • After you have created the three Black Crow Remarketing Audiences, we now need to create custom combinations to ensure users are only in one audience at a time.
  • Click the “+” to create a new "Custom combination" audience.
  • Create 3 new custom combinations audience: Low, Medium and High (examples below) utilizing the Seed lists you just created above.

Low Scores

Medium Scores

High Scores

You can follow the instructions here to link your Google Ads account to DV360

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