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After you have successfully installed the Black Crow AI script on your page, you can now start using scores on Google. To use your new scores for remarketing and prospecting, you will need to create audiences in Google Analytics.

Before you can use Black Crow scores in Google Ads or DV360, you must first activate audiences in Google Analytics. Please follow the simple instructions below to populate low, medium and high audiences with your users!

In Google Analytics

1. Enable Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features in Analytics

In Admin > Property > Tracking Info > Data Collection, enable "Remarketing" and "Advertising Reporting Features".

*If you activate Google signals, you can skip this step. The controls to enable Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features are replaced by the Google-signals control.

Reference: "Enable Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features in Analytics"

2. Link AdWords & Analytics accounts

Go to Admin > Property > Product Linking > Google Ads Linking > add a linked Google Ads account

You may need to enable the "Share all website data" and "Enable auto-tagging" flags:

Reference: Autotagging, Data sharing

3. Create new custom remarketing and prospecting audiences

Next create score based audiences within Google Analytics. In the next section, we will use these audiences as the basis for running lookalike campaigns in Google Ads. To create your new custom audiences:

  • To import the audience set click this link.
  • Choose a proper view from your Google Analytics account.
  • Select the Google Ads account you wish to use in the drop down.
- To use these audiences in Google Ads, please visit this help article.
- To use these audiences in DV360, please visit this help article.

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