Google Analytics - Score Analysis

Analytics Platforms

After you have successfully installed the Black Crow AI script on your page, you can now start using scores within Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

1. Create segments to layer on your current dashboards and reports

  • Import Segments here
  • Choose "Any view"
  • Click Create

2. Navigate to any of your Dashboards and click "+ New Segment"

3. Select the "Black Crow AI" Segments and click Apply

Important Notes:

  • Black Crow AI Low includes scores 1-3
  • Black Crow AI Medium includes scores 4-7
  • Black Crow AI Low includes scores 8-10
  • Segments are based on max score per user. This means if a user is scored 1, 5, and 9 throughout the time frame chosen, they will only be included in high score segment.

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