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After you have successfully installed the Black Crow AI script on your page, you can now start using scores in Snap. To use your new scores for remarketing and prospecting, you will need to create audiences first.

Create your remarketing custom audience

If you wish to have Black Crow create audiences on your behalf, please provide with Campaign Manager access.

Given Snap's limited number of custom events available to use, we recommend only using the highest propensity users to retarget within Snap. If you wish to retarget your low and medium propensity users as well, please contact your account rep.

We want to create 1 custom audience for your users.

  1. In the top left Business menu, under Assets, select Audience
  2. New Audience > Custom Audience
  3. Select the second option “Website Events"
  4. Name the Audience Black Crow Site Visitors - High
  5. Include people that have done Custom Event 3. If you are already utilizing Custom Event 3, please contact your account rep
  6. Choose the pixel that is active on your website
  7. Change the duration to 90 days

Please repeat the above for Custom Event 2 (Medium Scores) and Custom Event 1 (Low Scores)

Create lookalike audience

We want to create 1 lookalike audience for your users.

  1. Please create a remarketing audience by following the steps above
  2. In the top left Business menu, under Assets, select Audience
  3. New Audience > Lookalike Audience
  4. Select the Black Crow AI Target - High as the seed audience
  5. Utilize all of the Snap defaults for all of the other fields and Create

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