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Facebook - Audience Creation - Product Category


After you have successfully installed the Black Crow AI script on your page, you can now start using scores on Facebook. To use your new scores for remarketing and prospecting, you will need to create audiences.


Create your remarketing custom audiences

We want to create 3 custom audiences for your users for each product category.

  1. In the top left menu, under Advertise, select Audiences.
  2. Create Audience > Custom Audience
  3. Select the first option “Use your sources” > “Website”
  4. Select the relevant Facebook pixel
  5. Click on the “All website visitor” dropdown and select “from your events” > “blackcrow_target|remarketing
  6. Set the look back value to 30 days
  7. Refine by > Aggregated value > Maximum of > score > equals > 1
  8. Further Refine by >  URL or Parameter > threshold_group_count > equals > 3
  9. Further Refine by >  URL or Parameter > conversion_product > equals > all
  10. Further Refine by >  URL or Parameter > comparison_type > equals > traffic_group
  11. Further Refine by >  URL or Parameter >integration_product > equals > remarketing
  12. Further Refine by >  URL or Parameter > comparison_population > equals > (Please reach out to your account rep for the values that go here). If you wish to combine multiple products, please enter
  13. Give this audience a name, “Black Crow AI Target Remarketing - Low - [Insert Product Name]” and save
  14. Repeat the above steps two additional time for scores 2 and 3 (Med/High) for each product.
Create prospecting audience
  1. Select the audience “Black Crow AI Target Remarketing - Low - [Insert Product Name]”  and click “Create Lookalike”
  2. Select the preferred audience location and preferred audience size and save
  3. Repeat the above steps one additional time for score 3 (High)

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