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Platform Access

Facebook - Platform Access


Facebook Ads expands prospecting, creating ad campaigns for objective based advertisement.


Please provide Manage Campaign Access within Facebook.

Our Business Manager ID:


Video and Step by Step Instructions:

1) In the Meta Business Suite, click on the “Settings” gear in the bottom-left corner, and then “More business settings” in the menu bar on the left.

2) Now that you’re in “Business settings”, click on “Partners” in the menu bar on the left, under “Users”.

3a) If you’ve already shared assets with other partners, you’ll see a blue “Add” button above the partner list. Click on that, and select “Give a partner access to your assets”.

3b) If you haven’t shared assets with any partners yet, you’ll see the blue “Add” button below “Partner to share assets with” on the main page. Click on that.

4) Enter our business ID in “Partner business ID”, which is 384209899462756. Click “Next”.

5) The asset you want to share with us is your ad account (or accounts), so click on “Ad accounts” under “Select asset type”. Choose the account (or accounts) that you wish to share with us under “Select assets”, and under “Ad account” please toggle “Manage campaigns”. “Manage Ad Account” is fine too, if you prefer, but we do need manage campaigns access at least in order to create our audiences.

6) Click “Save Changes”.

7) You’re done! You’ll see that “1 Ad Account has been added to the business Black Crow AI.”

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