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Target Platforms

Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)


After you have successfully installed the Black Crow AI script on your page, you can begin using scores in Google Analytics.



  • The below instructions are for Universal Analytics, and don't apply to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • If you are interested in a GA4 integration, please consult your account manager
  • At this time, you can only integrate with either Universal Analytics or GA4, not both

1. Create segments to layer on your current dashboards and reports

Import Segments:

  • To use Low/Medium/High score groupings import here
  • To use 1-10 score groupings import here
  • To get page score groupings, please contact your customer success manager
  • Choose "Any view"
  • Click Create

2. Navigate to any of your Dashboards and click "+ New Segment"

3. Select the "Black Crow AI" Segments and click Apply

Note: if you are using Low, Medium and High score groupings...

  • "Low" includes scores 1-3
  • "Medium" includes scores 4-7
  • "High" includes scores 8-10
  • Users belong to the segment containing their highest score over the chosen timeframe

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