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After you have successfully installed the Black Crow AI script on your page, you can now start using scores to create audiences!

Now you need to create remarketing audiences from these users so they can be targeted with ads. First, we will create a conversion that uses the Black Crow AI scores. This conversion will then be used to create an audience. It can also be used as an actual conversion for content campaigns.

To create an audience for use in Outbrain please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Conversions tab in your Outbrain Amplify dashboard
  • Click on ‘Add Conversion’
  • Change the ‘Type’ to ‘Event-Based Conversion’
  • Set the conversion name to "blackcrow remarketing 10 10" Where the first number represents how many scores are available (10) and the second number represents the score the user received (10)
  • Repeat the above steps 9 more times for scores 1-9. i.e. blackcrow remarketing 10 9 and blackcrow remarketing 10 8 and so forth
  • Now that you’ve setup these audience lists you will be able to see the number of users in each list and once they reach significance you can start running smarter campaigns on them.

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