Performance Marketing Maximized

You’re sitting on a gold mine of 1st party data that only machine learning can leverage. Prospect and convert new customers with custom predictive audiences that massively outperform rule-based audiences. Identify users most likely to become lifetime customers and the best methods to re-engage and build loyalty. 

Optimize every step of the customer journey

Incremental Prospecting

Use our High Scores as a seed file for lookaliking, which is far more effective than customer lists, at finding new incremental users with a high intent to purchase. Drastically increase your prospecting reach and spend without any impact to performance.

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Optimize Visitor Retargeting

Custom machine learning audiences will always outperform rule-based audiences like recent site visitors and cart abandoners. Advertising platforms like Google and FB need this site-specific predictive signal; their generic vertical-specific algorithms can only go so far. With predictive audiences, these platforms will be able to optimize bidding to the users most likely to buy on your site.

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Targeted Creatives

Not only should you be bidding differently based on a user's propensity to purchase, but you should be engaging and communicating with them very differently as well. Modify the creative and even landing page of an ad based on how likely a user is to convert.

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Tag integration

Use one of our tag manager templates to get integrated in minutes with no technical work required

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Have custom predictive audiences flow into any ad platform to drive massive performance lift 

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Try our predictive scores for 30 days free. If you don’t see value, walk away at no cost to you

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