Supercharge Your Paid Marketing

You’re sitting on a gold mine of 1st party data that only machine learning can leverage. We help you boost remarketing ROI by enabling you to target high value visitors and reduce spend on visitors less likely to buy. We can also unlock new audiences for you to prospect, so you can scale your marketing faster

Transform Your Paid Marketing Effectiveness

Scale Prospecting

Our predictions enable you to find new, larger audiences for prospecting. On average our customers can scale prospecting by 25% at the same CPA

Boost re-targeting

Our predictive audiences identify visitors with the highest future conversion value--so you can focus your re-targeting spend on them,  and reduce spend on visitors unlikely to buy. The average CPA improvement is 33%!

1 click

Use our Shopify app or Google Tag Manager to start in under a minute.

more customers

At the same media spend

30 days
Free trial

Use our predictions in your marketing campaigns for 30 days.  Free.  Don’t like what you see?  Zero cost.