Artificial intelligence, real results

Supercharge your marketing strategy with the power of AI prediction. Increase revenue by 20% by identifying every visitor and engaging with them more effectively.

Transform your first-party data into your strongest asset.

Black Crow AI uses predictive intelligence to dynamically improve your performance. Find and convert more potential customers and optimize your marketing strategy to maximize profits efficiently.

Recognize 100% of Returning Visitors

Connect the dots across multiple sessions to identify anonymous users and restore marketing performance. Generate more revenue from the users you already know with better identifiers that never expire.

Improve Facebook ROAS by 30%

Enrich your first-party data to boost Facebook performance overnight. Our AI predicts the  future value of every visitor so that you can spend ad dollars strategically and accelerate growth.

Grow Email Audiences by 125%

Drive email / SMS list growth with AI powered predictions. With every email address you collect, get richer first party data and generate more revenue without changing a thing.

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How it works

AI that delivers in a single click. No engineering required.

Our machine learning platform interprets 450+ signals across sessions to reach, recognize, re-engage and retain your highest quality users.


In just one click, we start processing your first-party data, adding a persistent identifier for every user and analyzing unique signals for each one in real-time.


Our platform connects the dots of user actions across sessions - filling in the gaps created by signal loss.


We automatically apply smarter user recognition into the platforms and workflows you're using today to deliver better results, instantly.


Our AI finds patterns in your data, generating user value and behavior predictions — in just 15 milliseconds.


With the power of predictions, exceed your KPIs.  Improve ROAS and generate more revenue across owned and paid marketing channels.

Hundreds of DTC marketers use our AI to increase profitability

This is radically accessible AI

Your business has industries to disrupt
and customers to reach, and we’re
here to help. We’ve created the world’s
first Fortune-500 grade AI platform
that companies of every size can use
to change the world.

Don't leave profitability to chance