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11 Ways to Boost your ROAS with First-Party Data

First party data is your secret sauce to recovering from IoS 14.5+. Read our white paper with expert tips on how to use it like a DTC pro.

Machine Learning: The Secret Weapon of High Growth Shopify Stores

Machine learning drives the success of ecommerce giants. Now it's accessible to everyone. Read our guide on how to best deploy it.

How Machine Learning Can Fuel Social Campaigns

Looking to boost social campaign performance? Tune into the Tinuiti Webinar with the Black Crow team as they talk ROAS gains with ML.

Turn Facebook Uncertainty into Advertising Profitability with First-Party Data

See Black Crow AI CEO and founder Richard Harris present our ideas for transforming paid media performance, on a Commerce Next Webinar.

The Bearaby Case Study

With the impact of IoS 14.5, paid media performance had taken a bit of a hit. Bearaby turned to no-code ML platform Black Crow AI to give retargeting and prospecting a boost.

The ShortyLove Case Study

By utilizing Black Crow’s AI technology, shortyLove’s first party data was utilized to make real time predictions on the value of individual site visitors.

The LiquidIV Case Study

Through Black Crow’s real-time predictions, revised and improved customer data was uploaded into Facebook as custom audiences for Retargeting website visitors and as a lookaliking seed file to scale spend.

Tuff Case Study

Recently, ecommerce growth marketing agency Tuff, began working with us at Black Crow AI. They wanted to utilize our machine learning platform and predictive audiences to help their DTC brands scale prospecting campaigns, and make their remarketing efforts more efficient.