About Us

Black Crow is the no-code, real-time Prediction Company.  We make powerful AI accessible to everyone, enabling businesses to transform their performance.

Our ML products provide real-time insights to the business users at companies of any size, for less than the cost of 1 data scientist.  Integration is 1 click, and no engineering or data science is needed to implement or operate our products.
Businesses of all shapes and sizes are generating unprecedented volumes of data every day. Harnessing this data  can literally let companies see into the future, and hold the keys to huge improvements in business growth and efficiency.

Started by a team of successful repeat founders, Black Crow AI’s first product for digital commerce companies has already been installed by more than 150 brands.  In our first use case, Black Crow’s ML predictions improve new customer acquisition scale and efficiency by 25-50%.


Our Story

Why we are called Black Crow

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Crows have been used to predict the future for millennia. They’re incredibly intelligent. They use tools. They solve multi-step, complex  problems with consciousness and care. They recognize individuals, and know to approach every person differently. They are community-minded, communicative, and collaborative - partnering for life and keeping offspring and neighbors close.

Black Crow AI is about helping our partners transform. Unlocking intelligence in data by providing a simple yet piercing way to see the future via portable, real-time predictions - and easily applying that insight across entire businesses.



Black Crow AI’s ML platform has already  deployed to over 150 ecommerce sites…


…makes over 1 billion predictions a month, growing at 50% a month…

Speed of predictions

…almost instantaneously


Our plug-and-play ML has quickly transformed companies across industries.

Our Values

How We Roll

Our company culture is everything, strong values that bring great people together.

Human first

• We are free to be our whole selves here
• We see diversity as strength; from more perspectives come better decisions
• We are proud collectively and humble individually
• We care about creating community- inside and outside our walls

Mind the Growth

• We think big, stay curious and cultivate a growth mindset
• We invest in our people and make way for leaders
• We don't wait to be taught how to fish
• We inspire each other to bring our ‘A’game

Bring the Joy

• We bring our passion, our joy, and our dogs to work
• We dive into tough problems with gusto
• We enjoy each other's company and gravitate to collaborative work
• We're a little weird and we make each other laugh

Own It

• We take responsibility for our individual role, collective culture, and winning in the market
• We demand clarity on strategy and individual goals. We each take it from there.
• We own our performance with our partners
• We have autonomy because we are trusted, and accountability because we commit.

Wrestle it to the Ground

• We seek out and tackle the biggest, baddest problems in the industry
• We out-think competitors to crush them in the long game
• We are unafraid of complexity or the counterintuitive
• But we 80/20 when progress is better than perfection

Work Open

• We speak the truth even when it's hard
• We share our work and out performance transparently
• We stay open to innovation by asking "is it safe to try?" and then iterating quickly
• If we had doors, they would always be open

Our Office

Our company is all around the world, but HQ'd in New York

New York, USA

447 Broadway
2nd FL #382
New York, NY, 10013
(917) 277-3212 x888

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