Behind every global behemoth is a custom-built machine learning platform powering its advantage.

So far, machine learning platforms have been out of reach for smaller companies. Too risky, too expensive, too talent-intensive to build.
Until now.
This is AI for the Fortune

We’re bringing the power of Fortune 500-grade machine learning to businesses of every size, so challengers and disruptors can compete on an even data playing field.

Our approach

How we do AI differently

Smarter marketing shouldn’t cost a fortune

We believe every company deserves AI-informed insights, whether they have a machine learning team in-house or not. We've built our platform to be financially accessible for growing mid-market businesses.

Designed for users, not builders

Most AI requires teams of data scientists and engineers to build and implement it. Ours is designed for marketers.  Our first-party data automatically flow into your existing tools and channels.  No engineering or data-deciphering required.

Own your data, control your growth

We use only your first-party data (which you already own), helping you maintain control over your customer relationships and reduce data dependency on third-party platforms like Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.


Our values

We're building the world's most human AI company

Image of diamonds

Come for the tech, stay for the people. Yes, we’re building breakthrough technology that changes the game for challenger companies around the world. But we’re committed to doing so with humility, humanity, and a good sense of humor.

Don't leave profitability to chance