Frequently asked questions

How much work is it to integrate?

All that's required on your side is integrating our tag on your pages. It is fully asynchronous, non-blocking, and extremely light. Integrating it requires zero engineering work if done via a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager or Tealium, or a couple of hours a work to drop our JS directly on your page. Once our tag is on your page, we do the rest with no additional work required on your side: we build a custom model, deliver the predictions back to your site in real time, and send the predictions into the appropriate systems and workflows for activation.

What is the impact on site speed?

We go to great lengths to ensure that our code is best-in-class when it comes to speed. We consistently monitor and optimize code performance. Key practices we follow to minimize impact to site speed include:

Our JavaScript code is always non-blocking. It will not halt the download of any other content on your site, even in the unlikely event that ours fails to load or loads slowly.

Our initial content is loaded asynchronously so that your high-priority content can load first. Whenever possible, we also defer loading portions of our content until conditions are met and the need to utilize that content is imminent.

We use industry-standard techniques for compression to make sure files are as compact as possible. We use industry-standard browser caching to minimize the amount of data a user needs to access across the internet.

We have global instances of our CDN, which minimizes the network latency based on geo-location.

We routinely test our global CDN against other providers to ensure our assets are available and high-performing.

We continuously monitor latency and page load impact across multiple connection speeds, geo-locations, and devices.

What types of data do you use? Do you use 3rd party data?

We only use your first-party data — from your users and how they behave on your site. We don't use any third-party or network data.

We do this for three reasons:

1. It's sustainable. In a world of GDPR, CCPA, iOS14, and cookie-less Chrome, solutions and products built on top of first-party data are sustainable.

2. It's customer safe. We don't require tracking users as they browse the web in order to make high quality predictions.

3. It's powerful. The strongest signals come from how a particular user behaves on your site, not on what he or she may do elsewhere on the web.

Do you comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?


Is Black Crow AI GDPR compliant?


Does Black Crow have a referral program?

You bet! We love when happy customers share the love with other great brands that we can help grow.  Learn more about the program here

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