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Adobe DTM


Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) lets you manage your Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and other tags across all of your sites, regardless of your number of domains.


Step 1: Log into your DTM account

Step 2: Select the appropriate company if you work on multiple. If not, just click the Web Property you want to install the Black Crow AI JavaScript on

Step 3: Click Add a Tag

Step 4: Click Go to Rules.

Step 5: From the left menu, select Page Load Rules

Step 6: Click Create New Rule

Step 7: Give the rule a name

Step 8: Click the + button to expand the Javascript/Third Party Tags tab

Step 9: Select Sequential HTML

Step 10: Click Add New Script

Step 11: Paste the following snippet in the black custom code box

Please change example.js on the third line with your domain (i.e. if your site is, please use xyz.js.

 var script = document.createElement('script');
 script.src = '';
 script.async = true;

Step 12: Give the tag script a name, then click Save Code and save rule

Step 13: Publish the tag

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