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Adobe Target is the Adobe Experience Cloud solution that provides everything you need to tailor and personalize your customers' experiences.


Create new audiences in Adobe Target

Black Crow AI will send the latest score as an "mbox" profile parameter into your Adobe Target platform. In order to use this data within Adobe Target Audiences, you will need to first create this audience.

If of interest, a Black Crow AI Integrations team member can create these audiences on your behalf - simply provide access to

  1. In the Adobe Target interface, click Audiences > Create Audience
  2. Name the Audience
  3. Click Add Rule > Visitor Profile
  4. From the Visitor Profile drop-down menu, choose "blackcrow_score"
  5. Choose the evaluator "equals" and enter "1"
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat 9 more times for scores 2-10

Reference: "Create a profile attribute comparison audience"

How Black Crow AI passes data to Adobe Target

Please note that we use profile parameters via "mbox" with name 'blackcrow_audience' when sending information into Adobe Target. If you have any concerns or another preferred method of integration, please let us know.

Reference: ""

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