Google Shopping - Remarketing Campaigns


After you have successfully installed the Black Crow AI script on your page, you can now start using scores in Google Shopping Ads. To use your new scores for remarketing, you will need to create audiences and new campaigns.


Create remarketing campaigns
  1. Create 3 new campaigns that contain all ad groups from all existing campaigns
  2. Remarketing_Shopping_Scores_Low
  3. Remarketing_Shopping_Scores_Medium
  4. Remarketing_Shopping_Scores_High
  5. Add Black Crow Remarketing Low Scores to Remarketing_Shopping_Scores_Low
  6. Add Black Crow Remarketing Medium Scores to Remarketing_Shopping_Scores_Medium
  7. Add Black Crow Remarketing High Scores to Remarketing_Shopping_Scores_High
  8. Exclude prior purchasers from all three new campaigns
  9. Set all 3 campaigns to the same automated bid strategy at the same target
  10. Exclude all Black Crow score remarketing audiences from all existing non-branded campaigns
  11. Turn 3 new campaigns live!

Best Practices:
  • Create campaigns dedicated to remarketing users only (i.e. use the targeting audience setting instead of observation setting)
  • Exclude your remarketing users from all other campaigns to ensure all remarketing users are going to your dedicated remarketing campaigns
  • Organize campaigns by users/audiences instead of keywords to allow Google to effectively capture the signal of a particular user population
  • Start with three groupings of Black Crow scores based on conversion rates and create a separate campaign for each grouping

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