Supercharge your paid marketing with Black Crow predictive audiences

Black Crow AI’s patented technology predicts customer value in real-time on more than 250 DTC and ecommerce sites. We enable DTC brands to transform their paid marketing performance and scale fast.

How it works

First Party Data Only

From billions of real-time data points we extract the 400+ signals that accurately predict user behavior

Apply Machine Learning

Our patented machine learning platform predicts the future value of 100%  of your site visitors – in real time

Predictive Audiences

We create predictive audiences based on future value, and activate them in all your key channels. ROAS transformed. 

How Clients Are Using Black Crow AI

Case Study: Neurohacker

  • Wanted to drive more new customers without increasing acquisition costs. 
  • Used Black Crow AI predictive audiences to right-size retargeting spend based on a users predicted propensity to purchase.
  • Conversion increased 3x from Facebook spend and 39% of spend eliminated as wasteful improving efficiency

Case Study: Liquid IV

  • Wanted to scale Facebook audiences
  • Leveraged Black Crow’s predictive audiences for Facebook Retargeting and as a lookaliking seed file to scale spend.
  • Drove 48% net new customers at same spend and 3x profit for retargeting

Get Started Today!

Integrate in minutes with one of our tag manager templates
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Once our tag is live, we can have a custom machine learning model built for your site traffic in 2-3 weeks that retrains daily.