Supercharge your profitability with Black Crow AI's prediction platform

Your company is sitting on a gold mine of first party data that only machine learning can unlock. Black Crow AI boosts your marketing ROAS by identifying your highest value prospects, so you can target them more efficiently. Our predictions improve every part of the marketing funnel - from channel selection, to prospecting, retargeting and creative optimization.

How it works

First Party Data Only

From billions of real-time data points we extract the 400+ signals that accurately predict user behavior

Apply Machine Learning

Our patented machine learning platform predicts the future value of 100%  of your site visitors – in real-time

Predictive Audiences

We create predictive audiences based on visitors' future value, enabling you to advertise and message to them more effectively - throughout the funnel.

Scale Prospecting

Our predictions enable you to find new, larger audiences for prospecting. On average our customers can scale prospecting by 25% at the same CPA

Boost re-targeting

Our predictive audiences identify visitors with the highest future conversion value--so you can focus your re-targeting spend on them,  and reduce spend on visitors unlikely to buy. The average CPA improvement is 33%!

Optimize channels

Easily understand which channels are driving the highest value visitors to your site. Allocate your spend to match and watch your profits soar!

How Clients Are Using Black Crow AI

Case Study: Liquid IV

  • Wanted to scale Facebook audiences
  • Leveraged Black Crow’s predictive audiences for Facebook Retargeting and as a lookaliking seed file to scale spend.
  • Drove 48% net new customers at same spend and 3x profit for retargeting
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more customers

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Use our predictions in your marketing campaigns for 30 days.  Free.  Don’t like what you see?  Zero cost.