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AI. Your new profitability superpower.

Black Crow AI’s real-time machine learning interprets 450+ signals to recognize, reach, re-engage, and retain your highest value users.

Our technology

Our machine learning handles the data. You reap the rewards.

How our intelligent platform turns the data you already own into action:

Smarter user recognition

We help you set your own first-party identifiers that never expire. Understand user behavior across sessions to re-engage in the most effective ways possible.

Real-time data processing

We sift through billions of data points as visitors engage with your site to enrich your data quality for activation across marketing channels.

Machine-learned prediction

Our patented machine learning platform predicts the future value of every site visitors within 15 milliseconds of any action they perform.

The impact

Amplify your entire marketing operation

Use our platform to accelerate performance with one click

Scale your paid marketing more profitably

Push richer intelligence into platforms like Facebook to find new and larger audiences with high future value. Recognize the users who are most likely to drive the biggest impact, then get them to convert. Improve ROAS by 30%.

Turn email marketing into your biggest asset

Black Crow AI helps you capitalize on the first-party data you already own. Recognize users across multiple sessions, send more emails and increase owned channel revenue by 50%.

Optimize your channel strategy

Understand your channel performance from top to bottom. See which channels are driving the highest future value visitors to your site. Allocate your spend to match--and watch profits climb.

Engineered for effortless integration

Integrating with Black Crow takes one click. Improve your first-party data within seconds. Automatically push your data into any major channel, tool or platform. 

Hundreds of DTC marketers use our AI to increase profitability

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