The power of machine learning accessible to eCommerce

Our plug-and-play Predictive Intelligence Platform leverages patented technology to predict customer value in real-time and deliver it into any tool, any team, with ease. Developed over years of R&D and operating at scale on some of the largest commerce sites, Black Crow AI’s platform provides custom site predictions before page load.

How it works

Ingest First-party Data

Years of R&D have taught us how to transform raw data into 400+ signals that best predict behavior.

Apply Machine Learning

Use these signals in a custom machine learning model, built for your brand only using 1st party data, to predict behavior

Real-time Predictions

Make predictions easy to action by assigning each user a score that indicates their future behavior, available in < 20ms

We de-average users so you can make better, faster decisions

See for yourself:

  • We’ll pass our predictive scores to your preferred analytics BI platform as a custom dimension to add to any reporting you use today.
  • This allows you to plot our predictive scores, available in less than 20ms for every page load, against the actual conversion rate.
  • Our partners typically see 25-200X differentiation between high and low scores

Proven at scale with 4bn+ predictions per month on 100s of sites across industry verticals

Our value curves at the right demonstrate that our real-time scores are accurately predicting a user's likelihood to convert in the future. While the conversion rates and user behavior will vary by industry, we always see this same upward sloping trend, indicating a clear differentiation in user groups, and an opportunity to modify their experiences.

Easily plug our predictions into other platforms

The Black Crow AI platform removes  technical risk and requires no engineering or tech work. Predictions integrate directly (and easily) into the platforms you already use. Our team of experts help you find, implement and optimize the right use cases for your goals.

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