Brands that predict the future own the future

Know every visitor’s future value in real-time as they shop. Unlock the hidden value in your data with Predictive Audiences to transform ROAS and grow profitably.

ROAS Improvement
Up to
more new customers
increase in retargeting net profit

Prioritize your
spend; boost
your growth

Black Crow AI uses real-time machine learning to interpret 450+ signals to predict every visitors future value – including new and anonymous users.

Once you know who is (and isn’t) your future customer, allocate ad spend strategically across channels to supercharge ROAS and instantly decrease CAC.

"Black Crow is a crucial part of our marketing stack. They helped mitigate the effects of iOS14 by reducing our retargeting CPA by 40%, and at the same time increasing our prospecting audience size."

Rob Grossberg, Marketing & Operations Lead @ Shorty Love

"Budgets in the Ecomm space are getting tighter and tighter. Black Crow has given me the ability to increase profitability in our most productive audiences while opening up previously wasted budgets and moving into other upper-funnel tactics. This tech has allowed me to achieve YOY growth on flat / declining YOY budgets and create healthy prospecting audiences to improve metrics on acquisition"

Jessica W - Via G2 reviews

Don't leave profitability to chance