Don't let broken data break your strategy

Transform your audience reach with Smart ID.  Recognize anonymous site visitors to deliver more revenue across marketing channels in just 7 days.

ROAS Improvement
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Better Facebook event match quality
More revenue from email / SMS flows

Boost Facebook, email and SMS performance with Smart ID

As browsers crack down on third-party cookies, brands have lost the ability to identify known customers after just 7 days. Smart ID identifies customers across sessions, indefinitely. With better user recognition, see instant, incremental revenue across every channel. Turn your data into your biggest asset and supercharge performance – with just one click.

Improve Facebook event match quality

Activate Smart ID directly into Facebook and watch event match quality scores jump overnight. Our customers see an average ROAS lift of 30% and CPA reduction of 34%.

Turn Klaviyo into a Profitability Flywheel

Identify anonymous users that are already on your email list. Send more emails and grow abandonment flow revenue by over 50%

Better Data Makes a Smarter AI

Smart ID makes your entire marketing stack more intelligent by sending better quality data into Black Crow AI’s machine-learning predictions

"Looking at our monthly fee vs. the revenue, it is about 4x a month lift . . . The metrics, the measurable ROI speaks for itself in terms of what we've experienced. Black Crow is just an essential part of our tech stack going forward."

Andrew Bernstein, Co-Founder & CEO @ Kinder Beauty

"Until recently, campaigns were making up about 80% percent of our email revenue. Now we're seeing a 60/40 split between flows and campaigns.  Ultimately we want that growth because it leads to a more personalized experience with the customer."

Neil Popkin, Head of E-Commerce @ Felina Intimates

Don't leave profitability to chance