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Introducing Smart ID. Instantly recognize more users to generate up to 50% more email revenue and improve Facebook ROAS by 30%.

More recognized return visitors
Up to
More revenue from Klaviyo email flows
Up to
Better event match quality in Facebook

Apple and Safari cookie updates have created massive gaps in your user data. Your marketing tools are less effective and your campaigns less profitable. Smart ID changes all of that.


Optimize Klaviyo and Meta Revenue with Smart ID

Turn Klaviyo Into a Profitability Flywheel

Black Crow AI gives you richer first-party data with every email address you collect. Whether you’re looking to improve acquisition or maintain loyalty, recognize your highest-quality users to engage efficiently.

Don’t Let a Break in Sessions Break Your Meta strategy

Black Crow AI helps you capitalize on the first-party data you already own. Recognize users across multiple sessions, send more emails, and increase owned channel revenue by 50%

Better Data Makes a Smarter AI

Smart ID seamlessly makes your entire marketing stack more intelligent and in turn feeds better quality data into Black Crow AI’s prediction engine. Understand user behavior across sessions and devices to engage with them in the most effective way possible.

"Until recently, campaigns were making up about 80% percent of our email revenue. Now we're seeing a 60/40 split between flows and campaigns.  Ultimately we want that growth because it leads to a more personalized experience with the customer."

Neil Popkin, Head of E-Commerce @ Felina Intimates

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