How Bushbalm increased Facebook revenue by 62% with Smart ID

Bushbalm has made a name for itself as a trusted skincare brand with solutions for often overlooked areas. Their honest, authentic marketing is a reflection of their brand ethos, and has won them an engaged social following that’s led to substantial organic growth. They’ve recently expanded into retail and wholesale, but e-commerce remains the majority of their business.

ROAS Improvement
Facebook ROAS Improvement
More Revenue from email flows
Growth for Abandoned cart and checkout flow

The challenge

Facebook ads have been instrumental in Bushbalm’s rapid growth and success over the years. However, Bushbalm experienced a decline in effectiveness driven by multiple App privacy updates such as iOS 14.5 and Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). To solve this, Bushbalm partnered with Black Crow AI to supercharge their first-party data with Smart ID, resolving audience gaps caused by cookie deprecation. Next, they used Black Crow’s Predictive Audiences to score users based on their propensity to purchase. By combining AI and first-party customer data, Bushbalm was able prioritize ad dollar spend on the users most likely to make a purchase, and better re-engage those users across channels.

Our solution

Using Predictive Audiences, Bushbalm saw retargeting ROAS improve by 117% YoY and $4-5K of incremental monthly revenue. Once the team activated Smart ID, they saw major improvements to Facebook Event Match Quality (EMQ) scores overnight. Overall Facebook ROAS increased by 50%, while spend scaled 69%. Black Crow continues to deliver even more incremental revenue in email. Since activating Smart ID in Klaviyo, browse abandonment email flows are generating 61% more revenue, and abandoned cart and checkout flows have grown by 35%.

Black Crow has been one of the more impactful things I’ve been able to implement this year. The return that you get for the cost of the program makes it very obvious. It’s a no-brainer.

Brodie Mazurek - VP of Growth @ Bushbalm

The future

Given the continued success across multiple marketing channels, Bushbalm is eager to add Predictive Offer to their Black Crow tech stack to drive additional growth across their welcome email series.

Results in 30 days


Improvement in retargeting ROAS, using Predictive Audiences


Improvement of incremental monthly revenue

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