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Clean Simple Eats

How Clean Simple Eats increased new customer SMS revenue by 40% with Black Crow AI

Clean Simple Eats believes that food and fitness has the power to elevate lives. Their macro-balanced meal plans, protein power and recipe app make it easy for their customers to eat delicious, well-balanced meals.

Increase in Email Subscribers
Increase in SMS Subscribers
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Purchases

The challenge

Clean Simple Eats enjoyed rapid growth over the past few years. After gaining so many new customers, their focus has naturally shifted to retention. To help strike the right balance between customer acquisition and retention, the Clean Simple Eats team turned to their owned marketing channels. In addition to building out email and SMS subscriber lists, they recognized the importance of offering new customers attractive incentives to make their first purchase. They identified that efficiency was paramount to maximize profitability and protect margins.

Our solution

Clean Simple Eats was an early adopter of Black Crow’s predictive welcome offer. This technology uses machine learning to determine the most effective incentive for new site visitors, combined with predicting the right touchpoint in the shopper’s journey to prompt for email and SMS sign up. As a result, Clean Simple Eats has seen 35% more email subscribers and a 52% lift in purchase quantity since partnering with Black Crow. These results have ultimately increased welcome flow email and SMS revenue by 40%

The future

The Clean Simple Eats team is eager to continue utilizing Black Crow’s Predictive Offer solution to grow email subscribers and improve welcome email flow performance. Based on the success they’ve seen in SMS so far, they’re now expanding this functionality into their email program to continue to maximize revenue opportunity.

Black Crow has been amazing to bring incremental improvement to our email and SMS programs. I've really enjoyed working with their team. They're always super responsive, super helpful, and answer any questions I have.

Alie Jackson, Marketing Operations Manager - Clean Simple Eats

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Increase in Email Subscribers


Increase in Purchases

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