Felina Intimates Boosted Triggered Email Flow Revenue by 54%

Felina Intimates is a women’s lingerie and loungewear retailer with over 40 years of experience perfecting what women want. The brand specializes in luxury quality at an affordable price point, offering inclusive sizing and a diverse product assortment from solution-oriented bras to comfortable, effortless loungewear.

More profit from Klaviyo email flows
Increase in addressable audience sizes
Higher browse abandonment open rate

The challenge

The marketing team at Felina Intimates leverages Klaviyo as their email platform. Using triggered email flows, they’re able to send timely purchase abandonment messages. These personalized flows are crucial for driving last-end conversion— the average customer visits the website 6-8 times before completing a purchase. As the customer data landscape has increased in complexity with the introduction of Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) privacy feature and iOS 14.5, Felina Intimates experienced a full-cycle marketing performance impact, like many other DTC e-commerce brands. In Klaviyo-triggered email flows, there was a notable decline in addressable audience size as Felina Intimates lost the ability to recognize users beyond 7 days.

Our solution

That’s where Black Crow AI comes in. After installing Black Crow AI’s Shopify app with one click, Felina Intimates was immediately able to use Black Crow’s Smart ID to set persistent, server-side user identifiers that never expire. Now, Felina recognizes returning site visitors and activates that data directly into Klaviyo to identify more customers eligible for personalized, triggered emails. The team has seen up to 59% more incremental recipients for browse and cart abandonment emails, resulting in a 4.7% lift in total email flow revenue. Black Crow AI’s abandonment emails have an open rate 8%+ higher than standard flows, and each new segment is performing on par with existing audiences when it comes to open rate, conversion and click-through rate.

"The quantity of people falling into Black Crow AI audience buckets was surprising. It was 25-30% of incremental individuals that we could identify, which is pretty successful and productive. We get the exact same performance metrics between Black Crow AI and our pre-identified audiences."

Craig DeMerit, COO

The future

The Felina Intimates team is excited to expand Smart ID into more marketing channels and is seeing early signs of better event match quality in Facebook. If you’re looking to grow email audiences in Klaviyo to drive more revenue from owned marketing channels, reach out to Black Crow AI for a free 30 day trial.

Results in 30 days


More profit from Klaviyo browse & cart abandonment email flows


Improvement in browse abandonment open rate

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