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Wondercide achieves a 31x ROI with Black Crow AI

Wondercide offers safe pest control products to pet owners and families who want to avoid the harsh chemicals used by common competitors. Their products effectively protect pets, yards, and homes from invasive insects and the diseases they carry.

Return on Investment (ROI)
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The challenge

The last few years have brought tremendous growth for the brand, along with new obstacles. In the past, much of Wondercide’s marketing has relied on growing their email list, which used paid media to feed the top of the funnel. Paid marketing has become less efficient at driving qualified traffic, however, despite increasing costs. Additionally, the seasonal nature of pest control furthers the importance of nurturing brand loyalty. These factors led Wondercide’s marketing team to focus on growing owned channels like email, SMS, and organic SEO.

Our solution

Black Crow’s Smart ID helps Wondercide make the most of existing customer data. By recognizing users across multiple sessions, the team saw a 150%+ increase in addressable audience sizes in abandonment email flows, resulting in 78% more revenue. Most importantly, implementing Smart ID drove an impressive ROI of 31x without requiring the Wondercide team to make a single change in Klaviyo. Because of the seasonality of pest control, Smart ID’s ability to identify customers over extended periods of time helps Wondercide complete the customer purchase cycle.

The future

Given the success that Wondercide’s marketing team has achieved with Black Crow so far, they are excited to extend Smart ID to their Facebook campaigns. Using Smart ID improves event match quality overnight so that they can reach larger audiences, improve ROAS and reduce CPA and CPC.

“The great thing about Black Crow is I haven't had to do anything. But even if it's a 10x ROI, or a 5x ROI, or a 2x ROI: take the ROI, and take the level of effort. Do these things match up? Is the lift worth the return? When the lift is zero, the return is always worth it.”

Kyle Simpson, E-commerce Manager

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