Introducing Smart ID: Fix Your User Data, Transform Your Profits

Get 50% more revenue from Klaviyo and 30% greater ROAS from Meta. All in one click.

Black Crow AI is in the business of helping e-commerce brands build lasting, profitable relationships with their customers–by making predictive AI accessible to everyone.

Building profitable relationships, through the many consumer touchpoints that brands have available, has always been the role of the marketer. But over the last 2 years, the landscape has shifted and most consumer brands have seen their marketing performance decline radically. 

What, exactly, is going on? It’s about data. 

We all know that Apple’s updates to iOS and Safari–ostensibly in the name of privacy–have driven much of the change. But at its very core, this is about who has access to user identity.  Who can recognize their digital consumers. 

In the wake of Apple’s changes, brands have lost their ability to recognize their own users after one week–and sometimes after as little as 24 hours.

This user recognition problem prevents brands from building and maintaining close, healthy, and profitable customer relationships.

We don’t think that’s right. And it’s why we built Smart ID.

Smart ID: A Privacy-First, Persistent Identifier

Today we’re excited to announce a better, easier way for e-commerce brands to recognize, reach, re-engage, and retain their highest quality users - in a privacy-first way.

Here’s our stance. We believe brands should be able to have long-lasting relationships with customers, especially when they’ve opted in. And providing the best consumer experience means being able to recognize users, understand their behavior and value, over time and across sessions. And then tailor every touch point for them.

Smart ID, in one click, solves a series of data infrastructure problems that have broken the connection between your brand and your customers. It’s a persistent identifier that's privacy-first, and manages user data in the way that platforms like Apple want it done. It connects the dots across every visit and action from your customers, so you can always engage them in the next best way.

Know who they are every time they visit. Engage them in all the ways that they've opted into–like email and SMS–and also get your site personalization and advertising right.  Which means more revenue and more profit.

The Impact of Smart ID: Better relationships with current (and future!) customers

The immediate impact of Smart ID is much greater engagement via owned channels like Klaviyo email and SMS flows, resulting in revenue gains from 25% to 200%.

Additionally, SmartID automatically delivers better data to platforms like Meta. It lets them tune their algorithms more effectively by using data from the whole customer journey–instead of just fragments of the story. And that drives a 15% to 40% increase in ROAS.

With one click, you can integrate Black Crow AI’s Smart ID into your marketing tools and instantly start seeing the impact of better user data.

Data For All

I think everyone's got the message that data is power.

We believe that brands should be able to leverage the full power of the data they own.   

Improved customer experience, deeper relationships, bigger audiences, and better predictions emerge only from high-quality, persistent data.

Black Crow is in the business of AI–making sense of massive amounts of data in order to see into the future. The better the data that brands have, the better the AI applications we can build for them. User recognition data is foundational.    

The future will be cookie-less, and the only persistent identifiers will be set by brands themselves. That means there is a new burden on brands: they have to own, access, and make sense of their first-party data to thrive. 

Smart ID helps you get your first-party data house in order, so you have access to new and better data, insights and predictions. From there, you can make the best decisions and take the most profitable actions.  

It's your data. You own it. Make the most of it. 

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