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The 2023 Path to Profit: Hidden Marketing Tactics Top DTC Brands Use to Grow Profitably

In 2023, profitable growth is the only game that matters for eCommerce businesses. Obsessing over unit economics and finding efficiencies will be critical for brands in this market. And the effects of the economic climate are being felt in all areas inside companies from partners to the marketers on the ground. 

We brought together Logan Langberg (Imaginary Ventures), Nik Sharma (Sharma Brands), Sriya Karumanchi (Catbird NYC), and Ashlee Anderson (Rumpl) to discuss the state of eCommerce and the marketing tactics they’re using to grow their businesses. Brands are facing challenges on many fronts. From reduced discretionary spending due to inflation to the data disasters caused by privacy and browser updates, the panel dives into how they’re viewing this situation and the actions they’re taking in the face of it all.

You’ll learn more about

  • The return of product led growth and how DTC is really just a channel
  • Experiments with diversifying into TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest
  • Where to find efficiencies in you eCommerce tech stack
  • Product seeding and other influencer marketing strategies

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