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profitability to

Our applications help companies of all sizes improve profitability with the power of machine learned prediction.
The opportunities

Unlock the hidden value in your own data

Scale your prospecting efforts

Our predictive audiences can help you find and target new and larger audiences with high future value. We reveal your your highest quality prospects - and where to find them - from data you already own.

On average our customers scale prospecting by 25% at the same CPA. Black Crow AI partner Liquid IV were able to increase prospecting spend by 54%, whilst maintaining CPA, after implementing our platform.

Sharpen your retargeting campaigns

Identify visitors with the highest future conversion value and focus your retargeting spend on them, while reducing spend on visitors unlikely to buy. Our real-time predictions enable you to identify which prospects are most likely to convert - transforming retargeting ROAS.

The average CPA improvement is 33%. Black Crow AI partner Bearaby achieved a 120% increase in ROAS and a 100% increase in sales from retargeting after installing our machine learning predictions.

Optimize your channel strategy

Not all traffic sources are equal - see where your most promising users come from - fast. Identify which channel;, campaign or even influencer sends you the highest value visitors. Allocate your spend to match.

Mejuri used Black Crow AI’s predictions to double net new users per campaign.

The benefits for your business

When you can't outspend the competition, outsmart them

Hundreds of e-commerce companies trust Black Crow AI to transform their performance

Reduce acquisition cost

Our machine learning helps you identify prospects likely to buy - and those who are not. Focus spend where it counts and reduce CPA.

Grow cost-effectively

We enable you to identify the channels and campaigns that contribute to the whole funnel - enabling you to make better decisions about where to place your spend.

Transform ROAS

Our predictions enable you to see every visitors value in real time - enabling you to optimize your whole marketing operation. Solve your ROAS problems.

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