Don’t leave
profitability to

Our applications help growing DTC companies improve profitability with the power of machine learned prediction.
The opportunities

Unlock the hidden value in your own data

Scale your paid marketing more profitably

Push richer intelligence into platforms like Facebook to find new and larger audiences with high future value. Better identify and recognize the users who are most likely to drive the biggest impact. Improve ROAS by 30%

Turn email marketing into your biggest asset

Capitalize on the first-party data you already own. Recognize users across multiple sessions, send more emails, and increase owned channel revenue by 50%

Optimize your channel strategy

Understand your channel performance from top to bottom. See which channels are driving the highest future value visitors to your site. Allocate your spend to match and watch profits climb.

The benefits for your business

When you can't outspend the competition, outsmart them

Hundreds of e-commerce companies trust Black Crow AI to transform their performance

Boost email profitability

Our platform helps you identify the users you already know to increase addressable audience sizes by 125%

Grow cost-effectively

We enable you to identify the channels and campaigns that contribute to the whole funnel - enabling you to make better decisions about where to place your spend.

Transform ROAS

Push richer intelligence into platforms to find new and larger audiences with high future value. Optimize your entire marketing operation and improve ROAS on channels like Facebook by upwards of 50%

Don't leave profitability to chance