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+55% FB Sales for Alleyoop

Last holiday season, Alleyoop makeup used Black Crow AI to create bigger and more targeted audiences of their most likely customers on Facebook. These audiences helped them generate an extra 50% in sales from Facebook while improving their ROAS

incremental increase in sales
more revenue
higher ROAS
retargeting sales

The challenge

Nearing the holiday season, Alleyoop, a sustainability minded DTC seller of cosmetics, were struggling with their ad performance after the release of iOS14.5. It became obvious that more was needed than doubling down on creative, going broad, and trusting Facebook’s algorithm. Alleyoop needed a new approach to profitably advertise to their potential buyers on Facebook.

Our solution

Alleyoop decided to turn to Black Crow AI’s machine learning platform for ecommerce. Black Crow AI radically improved their Facebook targeting and campaign performance by enabling Alleyoop to leverage their first party data to build new targeted audiences instead of relying solely on Facebook data or algorithm to find new customers. Once installed on their Shopify site, Black Crow AI’s machine learning could analyze over 450 signals for every site visitor on every page view to make real-time predictions on how likely they were to buy. The predictions created audiences of likely buyers that Alleyoop could send directly to Facebook for retargeting or to create lookalikes for prospecting. Setting all of this up only took them a few clicks.

The future

This holiday season Alleyoop has Black Crow audience segments being used across all of their acquisition efforts. They continue to see results in prospecting and retargeting on Facebook and are now using Black Crow AI’s audiences for Tik Tok, email, and direct mail. If you’re looking to reach more customers this Holiday season and spend your marketing budget more efficiently, talk to us about a free trial of Black Crow AI today.

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incremental increase in sales


more revenue

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