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Boosting ROAS for Bearaby

Bearaby is a DTC seller of award-winning weighted blankets that promote better sleep. With the impact of IoS 14.5, paid media performance had taken a bit of a hit. Bearaby turned to no-code ML platform Black Crow AI to give retargeting and prospecting a boost.

Increase in ROAS
Increase in sales from retargeting ads

The challenge

Bearaby was faced with having to manually re-target audiences, proving inefficient due to limited insights. Not only that, but they had a goal to scale their existing business rapidly and intelligently. Deriving accurate customer behavior and doing so in a way that would help them exceed their business goals seemed like an impossible task. That’s where Black Crow AI comes in.

Our solution

Bearaby installed Black Crow AI’s plug-and-play platform into its website to develop a custom machine learning model that will give its marketing team real-time predictions about its site visitors. The marketing team took these predictions and created custom audiences on Facebook, Google, and Snapchat to target the brand’s retargeting ad campaign.

The future

Results in 30 days


In conversions from retargeting ads across Facebook, Google Search and Snapchat


in return on ad spend

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