Reaching the most valuable audiences

Cotopaxi offers sustainably sourced, ethically made outdoor gear for adventurers everywhere. This DTC brand uses its influence to develop and uplift communities experiencing poverty (known as Gear For Good!). As a fast-growing category leader, Cotopaxi is always willing to experiment with innovative tactics that improve growth metrics and customer experience. An initial trial of Black Crow AI generated a 30% increase in ROAS and an 80% increase in revenue in Facebook retargeting.

increase in ROAS
increase in revenue from Facebook campaigns

The challenge

After iOS14.5, Cotopaxi’s Facebook marketing campaigns became more expensive, with lower returns. The team needed to reach their most valuable audiences again, while reducing spend wasted on users outside of their target user base.

Our solution

After a one-click installation, Black Crow’s machine learning was able to predict the likelihood of every customer to purchase within 30 milliseconds of their arrival on Cotopaxi’s website. Cotopaxi used these predictions to create custom audiences in Facebook, transforming marketing efficiency by retargeting only users with high purchase intent.

The future

Cotopaxi is particularly excited to leverage Black Crow AI’s audience tools beyond Facebook to explore paid media channel diversification, custom email cadences, and personalized acquisition campaigns. Future paid media tests will span multiple platforms including Google, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snap. Using Black Crow’s AI, Cotopaxi is testing out new ways to optimize retargeting and retention efforts. If you’re looking to make your marketing dollars count and reach high-intent users, talk to us about a free 30-day trial of Black Crow AI today.

Results in 30 days


ROAS increase


Increase in Revenue fromFacebook Campaigns

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