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Reaching the most valuable audiences

Cotopaxi a DTC seller of backpacks, clothing & other gear - perfect for outdoor adventures (what they call Gear For Good!) Their promise is to make durable gear in the most ethically sustainable way possible and to use their influence to develop and uplift communities.

ROAS increase
Increase in Revenue from Facebook Campaigns

The challenge

After iOS14.5, Cotopaxi’s Facebook marketing became extremely limited. Audience targeting became less accurate and they were seeing rising ad costs with lower returns. Cotopaxi needed to find a way to reach their most valuable audiences again, and reduce the spend being wasted on people outside their target market.

Our solution

Cotopaxi installed Black Crow AI’s machine learning platform that would make real-time predictions about each of their site visitors and their likelihood to purchase. Cotopaxi was able to create new custom audiences for marketing that only contain people that are likely to become customers. Setting all of this up only took a few clicks. Black Crow AI radically improved their Facebook targeting by leveraging Cotopaxi’s first party data instead of Facebook's audiences. With Black Crow AI, Cotopaxi could now unlock the full power of their first party data to transform the efficiency of their marketing.

The future

Cotopaxi sees far more ways to take advantage of Black Crow AI’s audiences beyond improving their Facebook marketing. From channel diversification to custom email cadences to personalized campaigns, Black Crow AI’s insights and audiences will power a wide range of marketing strategies to drive more growth and efficiency for Cotopaxi.

Results in 30 days


ROAS increase


Increase in Revenue fromFacebook Campaigns

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