Mejuri boosts the quality of their site traffic

Last holiday season, the Mejuri team used Black Crow AI to boost the quality of their site traffic, drive sales from prospective and retargetable segments across their funnel, and counter the post-iOS unreliability of Facebook’s audiences. Mejuri leveraged Black Crow AI’s traffic quality report (TQR) data to drive increases in both net user growth and high-intent customer growth.

increase net new users per campaign
users week on week through Google

The challenge

Mejuri is social media’s go-to DTC brand for fine jewelry that’s handcrafted and responsibly sourced without the typical 10x markup. Yet, as the holiday season approached last year, the brand’s paid marketing team was still struggling with the fallout from Apple’s privacy updates. More specifically, acquisition ROI and audience data on Facebook had room for improvement. At first, the team responded by going broad with a renewed audience target approach. But, CAC and bounce rates continued to rise as traffic quality, user intent, cart activity, and retargetable audiences dropped. Put simply, the team needed a solution that could deliver results quickly.

Our solution

After a straightforward integration, Mejuri’s team was ready to use Black Crow AI’s engine. Instead of relying on Facebook’s lackluster data, Mejuri’s marketing team began to leverage Black Crow AI’s first-party and TQR data to accurately and profitably predict user value. Black Crow AI’s software quickly identified their highest-value prospects so the team would be able to target more efficiently across every step of their marketing funnel. More specifically, they began to create higher-intent predictive audiences to dramatically cut spend on visitors unlikely to purchase. In tandem, they could now retarget users with the highest future conversion value. TQR data allowed the Mejuri team to better understand which campaigns and social platforms they should be devoting the most effort and resources to. Campaign breakdowns gave Mejuri a better sense of both how many customers they were acquiring and the quality of those users.

The future

Since last holiday season, Mejuri’s team continues to see day-to-day success using Black Crow AI’s audiences on Facebook. In addition, they’ve expanded implementation to Pinterest, where they’ve seen stronger performance in retargeting across multiple campaigns and funnel stages. The marketing team at Mejuri also plans to explore additional opportunities using Black Crow AI’s engine and TQR data, namely on TikTok, with the goal of driving ROAS improvements. If you’re looking to make your marketing dollars count and reach high-intent users for the upcoming holiday season, talk to us about a free 30-day trial of Black Crow AI today.

Results in 30 days


increase in net new users per campaign


new users week on week through Google

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