Rumpl optimized Facebook targeting

This summer, the Rumpl team turned to Black Crow AI to optimize Facebook targeting, regain audience data insights, and increase ROAS. At a glance, Black Crow AI enabled Rumpl to combat iOS 14.5 changes and drive improvements in ROAS by 43%.

ROAS Facebook Prospecting
ROAS Facebook
Combined Conversion Rate

The challenge

Rumpl, best known for its flagship travel blankets, began to struggle with paid social in the fallout of iOS updates. While the brand was still growing at a consistent upward trajectory, its customer acquisition campaigns could use a performance boost. Notably, Rumpl’s Facebook audience quality was decreasing. Every suggestion from their agency reps (like going broad or building lookalikes from a CRM) failed to drive growth, which made it more difficult to test out offers and campaign creative. The team at Rumpl wanted to improve ROAS across the board – and knew they needed a solution for enhanced targeting.

Our solution

After an effortless installation, Rumpl was ready to use Black Crow AI’s machine learning tool. Instead of relying on Facebook’s ineffective data reporting, Black Crow AI’s software helped the Rumpl team leverage valuable first-party data that’d been under their noses the entire time. Leveraging Black Crow AI, customers are segmented based on high, medium, and low intent, which in turn generate refreshed lookalike audiences for Rumpl to send directly to Facebook. With these audiences, Rumpl could start prospecting and retargeting with quantifiable results. The Rumpl team ran multiple split tests during their free trial period. They compared Black Crow AI’s Facebook lookalike audiences to their default audiences paired with lookalikes from other methods. After two weeks, ROAS and other performance metrics from Black Crow AI’s audiences significantly outpaced the numbers from Facebook itself. Notably, Rumpl highlights their high-value partnership with Black Crow AI’s account reps. In the words of a Rumpl team member: “The Black Crow AI team has been very on top of providing effective suggestions and improvements. It’s nice to have that extension of our team.”

The future

As the holidays near, Rumpl is doubling down on Black Crow AI’s Facebook audiences. In addition, they’re actively testing Black Crow AI on Instagram, expanding usage to TikTok, and exploring Klaviyo and Attentive for even more lucrative ​​audience learnings. If you’re looking to make your marketing dollars count and reach high-intent customers through the upcoming holiday season, talk to us about a free 30-day trial of Black Crow AI today.

Results in 30 days

2.80 ROAS

Facebook Prospecting

4.64 ROAS


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