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Drive additional growth and reduce costs

shortyLove is a DTC seller of functional, luxury bags built for everyone. The shortyLove team turned to Black Crow AI to help drive growth in new revenue while reducing advertising costs.

Incremental Net Profit (Facebook Retargeting)
Better CPA (Facebook Retargeting)
Incremental audience size (Facebook Lookaliking)
Better CPA (Facebook Lookaliking)

The challenge

The shortyLove team was proactively searching for untapped opportunities to improve their paid marketing campaigns. As a smaller brand with a limited budget, shortyLove had to be as judicious and data-informed as possible in allocating spend across campaigns and channels, especially since they were seeing higher advertising costs after Apple’s iOS 14.5 update.

Our solution

After deploying Black Crow AI’s machine learning solution, shortyLove was able to immediately identify site visitors with high purchase intent for efficient Facebook retargeting. Additionally, the team used Black Crow AI’s model to optimize lookalike audience targeting, enabling shortyLove to acquire incremental net new customers. The shortyLove team adds: "Black Crow is a crucial part of our marketing stack. They helped mitigate the effects of iOS14.5 by reducing our retargeting CPA by 40%, and at the same time increasing our prospecting audience size."

The future

shortyLove plans to double down on the success they’ve seen with Facebook and leverage Black Crow AI data in Google and Pinterest. With Google, the brand plans to use Black Crow AI to maximize the impact of retargeting. With Pinterest, shortyLove is looking to boost top-of-funnel growth and drive opportunities to effectively gain net new users. If you’re looking to make your marketing dollars count and reach high-intent users, talk to us about a free 30-day trial of Black Crow AI today.

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Increase in revenue

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