Huge improvement in CTR and CPS

A $1 MM Ad Spend Experiment with Tuff and Black Crow AI.‍ Since implementing our platform across various partners, Tuff has managed over $1 Million in ad spend for Black Crow audiences for their ecommerce partners and saw huge improvements in conversion rate (CTR) and cost per sale (CPS).

decrease in CPS (Retargeting)
Increase in CVR (Retargeting)
decrease in CPS (Prospecting)

The challenge

Recently, ecommerce growth marketing agency Tuff began working with us at Black Crow AI. They wanted to utilize our machine learning platform and predictive audiences to help their DTC brands scale prospecting campaigns, and make their remarketing efforts more efficient.

Our solution

Tuff installed Black Crow AI’s plug-n-play (just one click for Shopify stores) machine learning platform on their partner’s sites to create a custom scoring model. The model scores every site visitor in real-time based on their likelihood groups them into three audience tiers: high, medium, and low. High intent audiences are most likely to purchase and low intent are unlikely to purchase.Since Black Crow’s model uses first-party data only, it avoids the restrictions and limitations of third-party data enforced by iOS 14.5. And Tuff could use their new audiences on any channel. In just a few weeks after install, Black Crow’s new predictive audiences were ready to use for both retargeting and prospecting. Black Crow AI’s audience tiers – high, medium, and low, allowed Tuff far more control over their retargeting strategy and spend. It allowed them to run very targeted ads at users who are more likely to convert then run more education and engagement-based creative to less likely to convert users to increase their intent. Next, Tuff created lookalike audiences from the original predictive audiences built by Black Crow AI’s model. These lookalike audiences enabled Tuff to reach more new prospects who match the characteristics of their most likely customers and allowed them to confidently scale their marketing to new audiences without the guesswork.

The future

Results in 30 days


48% decrease in CPS and a 55% increase in CVR


53% decrease in CPS and a 16% increase in CVR

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