Predictive AI That Converts More Customers

Black Crow AI is the Shopify app that grows your subscriber list and personalizes buyer experiences to keep them coming back. It plugs into your tech stack in one click to:

  1. Predict patterns in your shoppers’ behavior, uncovering factors that drive incremental revenue.
  2. Automatically activate your data across email, SMS, social, and your on-site pop-up to optimize your existing spend.
  3. Maintain a consistent view of your shoppers’ identity so you can provide a top-notch buying experience.

Special offer for the Why We Buy community: Book a demo with us and we’ll gift* you a $100 Amazon gift card

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"The return that you get for the cost of the program makes it very obvious. It’s a no-brainer"


These days, browsers are making it harder to recognize customers 7+ days after they visited your site. And let’s be honest, customers hate it when you ask for their email after they already gave it to you.

Black Crow AI makes it easy to identify shoppers, predict what they’re going to do next, and create opportunities to drive sales.

The best part? It’s all in a single Shopify app and there is zero development work required.

Smarter customer recognition

With Smart ID, your first-party tracking never expires. Match shoppers to info they’ve provided in the past.

Turn email & SMS into your biggest assets

Trigger more Welcome, Browse, Cart and Checkout abandonment flows and drive more revenue.

No annual commitment necessary

Start with a 30-day free trial and then continue on a flat monthly fee.

How it works

Work with your own data

Identify anonymous users that are already on your email list. Grow abandonment flow revenue without changing existing flows and see up to:

  • 40% Increase in welcome flow revenue
  • 10% Increase in new customers
  • 31% Return on ad spend improvement

Increased email and SMS sign-ups

95% of website visitors dismiss your welcome offer in less than 3 seconds. Our machine learning model predicts the right time and incentive to drive more email and SMS sign-ups.

Engineered for effortless integration

Integrating with Black Crow takes one click. Our tools can be integrated with major platforms, so you can get started immediately—no code required.

"If you’re looking to increase the productivity of your trigger emails and continue to engage customers, Black Crow is a really easy solution that, for me, delivered results beyond my expectations."

*Terms and Conditions: No purchase is necessary. This offer is available for a limited time while supplies last, with all rights reserved to Black Crow AI to discontinue or change the terms of the offer at any time, subject to applicable law. Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion—if applicants have received another Black Crow AI promotion within the last 60 days, eligibility will be determined by an authorized Black Crow AI representative. Limit one promo per company. If you’re a DTC operator, our goal is to show you Black Crow AI so you can experience it firsthand. We’re happy to give you a $100 Amazon gift card to demo Black Crow AI if you meet the following qualifications: This offer is available only to US Residents 18 years of age or over. Additionally, this offer is only available to new Black Crow AI customers applying for a new Black Crow AI account. This offer is not applicable to existing customers. This offer is not applicable to individuals who have received a Black Crow AI demo in the past 90 days. This $100 Amazon gift card is available only to verified business decision-makers or influencers – including (but not limited to) owners, founders, administrators, controllers, C-level executives, VPs/Directors/Managers, and other senior marketing roles that can help implement or recommend a solution like Black Crow AI. To be eligible for this offer, your company must be a direct-to-consumer brand that sells physical consumer goods on Shopify/Shopify+ (non-headless), with more than $2 million in annual online revenue; Your company must also use one of the following: Klaviyo (for email) or Attentive (for SMS). Additionally, to receive the gift, you must submit a demo request on behalf of a company you are authorized to represent using the designated Black Crow AI landing page, followed by attending the full scheduled demo between January 1st, 2024 12:01 AM ET and December 31st, 2024 at 5 PM ET. The $100 Amazon gift card subject to this offer will be delivered via email to qualified participants within 30 days of demo completion. Recipient is responsible for all taxes associated with the gift. is not a sponsor of this giveaway.

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